Wyland Foundation Mission BlueStreams of Hope was developed in support of the Hope Spots marine conservation strategy of renowned Marine Biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue. Hope Spots are special places that are scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean.

The Wyland Foundation and Mission Blue are working together to address the root causes of pollution that accumulate downstream, affecting local waterways, streams, rivers, lakes, and eventually our oceans.

About the Wyland Foundation

Nearly forty years ago, marine life artist Wyland began an epic quest to use art to connect people to our ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. With pollution mounting, and marine species dying, he launched one of the world's largest arts in public places project in the form of monumental marine life murals in seventeen countries around the world. Wyland thought if people could appreciate the beauty of our marine ecosystems, maybe they would be more willing to protect them. In 1993, he created the Wyland Foundation to inspire millions of people to more more positive, creative stewards of our global marine resources through an amazing range or local, regional, and national outreach programs.


Q1. What is the Streams of Hope rating system?
This is a unique feature that helps other users assess the health and unique beauty of a water system.

Q2. I don't have any science background.
Can I still do water quality testing? Yes, the program is designed to work with people with no prior experience.

Q3. Do I need any special equipment to participate?
Most activities don't require special equipment. For some tasks like water quality testing, the program provides guidance on what tools you might need and where to get them.

Q4. What if I'm not located near a water body, can I still participate?
Yes! While being close to a water body can enhance your experience, you can still participate by adopting a stream, river, or lake that you care about, even if it's far away.

Q5. How does the information I collect help?
Citizen science not only expands the data collection capacity for the scientific community, it can provide evidence needed to promote policy changes locally and elsewhere.

Q6. What happens if my Stream of Hope identifies a serious environmental issue?
If your data suggests a major environmental issue, you're encouraged to report it to your local authorities. Your findings can provide important evidence to support actions for environmental conservation.

Q7. Can multiple people choose the same location?
There is no limit to the number of entries for the same location. In fact, the more pins dropped around a location, the more it flags the interest of others as a special place to explore

Q8. I just completed my Stream of Hope, but I don't see it on the map.
All Streams of Hope are reviewed by our team prior to being publicly posted.

Q9. Can I delete or edit my Stream of Hope after it's been published?
Yes, you can edit or delete your Stream of Hope. Remember, changes might need to be reviewed before they're publicly visible.

Q10. How often should I update my Stream of Hope?
The frequency of updates can vary depending on the activities you're involved in. Regular updates can provide valuable data over time.

Q11. How can I share my Stream of Hope with others?
You can share your Stream of Hope on social media, through email, or by inviting friends and family to join the platform and explore your entry.

Q12. Can Streams of Hope be used in schools?
Teachers can use the program to customize it in several ways for their students: as a STEM-based research project, as a community service tool, as an art and expression activity, or all of the above.

Q13. Are there age restrictions for participating in Streams of Hope?
No, there are no age restrictions. Streams of Hope encourages people of all ages to participate and learn more about their local water systems.

Q14. Is my personal information safe?
Yes, Streams of Hope is committed to maintaining your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. The platform doesn't share your personal information without your consent.

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